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What is a trademark?
Any denomination, distinctive sign serving to identify a company, its products or services in commerce or trade. + info.

Classification of trademarks?
Depending on the products or services to be protected, there exist 45 classes

See international classification of products and services for the trademark registration

Territorial scope of trademarks?
When buying a trademark, you have to verify which is the territory or country it protects.

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Registered domains

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¿What is a domain name?
One of the first steps to have "presence in Internet" is registring a Domain Name. This will be the address of the web page and the identificator of the e-mail. The Domain Names make Internet easier by helping people to remember pages that otherwise only would be complicated numeric combinations (IP Adress) ( = 234.564.34.56). Each name follows a standard format, including a generic (e.g: .com, .net, .org,...) or territorial suffix (e.g.: Canada, .ca, España, .es,...). Obviously, apart from this techncial consideration it has to be considered that the Domain Name has reached a clear parallelism with the Traditional Trademarks, being even considered as the TRADEMARK IN INTERNET.

Classification of domains?
Los Domain Names are classified in two big sections: Generic Domains: they are those whose terminations do not indicate any territorial origin, but an activity or service. Its rules are established by ICANN.

Territorial Domains: they are those whose terminations indicate a territorial origin and usually they are governed by the regulations of each country.

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Pack (Trademark + Domain)

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