What is Domimark?

Domimark is a virtual platform where you can buy and sell registered domain names and registered trademarks, through the adverts inserted by the users of Domimark.

How can I offer my domain or trademark for sale in Domimark?

In order to offer your domains and/or trademarks for sale, in the first place you have to be registered with Domimark. Once this is done, you accede to your account and enter in the submenu 'Sell trademarks or domains or packs'. Your advert will remain published in the web of Domimark, and the potential buyers will have access to it. At the moment an offer is realized, Domimark will notify you immediately by email.

What steps do I have to follow to buy a domain and/or trademark that interests me?

To buy a domain and/or trademark, or eventually make an offer, click on the product you wish to buy (trademark, domain or pack) in the homepage and you will gain access to the list of domains and trademarks for sale. Clicking on the requested domain or trademark, you will be able to realize your offer and the owner will receive an email informing him that an offer has been made for his domain and/or trademark.

Does it have any cost to sell my trademarks or domains in Domimark? Is there any commission?

No. Selling a domain or trademark in Domimark is totally free. Also in case the operation is successful, Domimark will not collect any kind of commission.

Does Domimark act as mediator in the transactions between seller/buyer?

No. Domimark is merely a portal of trademark and/or domain adverts and does not act as mediator in any transaction. Notwithstanding, if you need help or assistance in realizing the transaction, you can contact us, sending an e-mail to domimark@domimark.com and we shall send you a free estimate.

How do I know if the domain that Iím interested in acquiring is validly registered?

Before buying an already registered domain, it is advisable to check that the payment of the renewal fees of the same is updated. For such purpose, a query must be realized from a domain registrar at the public data base Whois, checking which is its date of expiry.